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Twitter Expert Connect Summary

In our digital citizen class, we have a twitter expert connect project. I chose to follow social science faculties since they relate to my second genius hour project which is how social media changes society. I followed people like @CfSocialScience¬†and… Continue Reading →

Activity 2 (SBC8)

  I visited different blog posts from the #17stubc flipboard magazine. I chose three that had interests me to comment. One of them was Anusha’s bog, it was all about her dream job. She wanted to be an artist, a… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour – Makeup (SBC7)

Hello everyone, in my digital citizen class at ISD, we had a project called ‘Genius Hour.’ It’s basically a project where we can research any topic we’re interested in. I chose to do a research on makeup. Since, in today’s… Continue Reading →

My Picture (SBC3)

This is a picture of a quarter of me and my bangs! I used 2 apps to edit this pic, Snow and Pictail. ><

Images Only! (SBC3)

  Leave a comment…Guess what these images refer to, only a sentence!

Candies (SCB3)

‘Candies’ are best friends of anyone, but not with this strange 8-year-old boy. In everyone else’s perspectives, candies come in different colors like the rainbow, but for him, candies have no color. Candies bring a smile to your face because… Continue Reading →

School Schedule (SBC5)

International School of Dakar – from my perspective Wake up: 07:20 Time arrived @school: 08:15 The first period starts: 08:30 The first period ends: 09:50 Short break: 10 minutes The second period starts: 10:00 The second period ends: 11:15 Advisory/Extended… Continue Reading →

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